Welcome, MIA; welcome, the exact way of measuring impact on the media

MIA is our technology to measure impact of online and offline media on digital assets, making ad investment measurable, reliable and efficient.

Imagen de MIA® (MultiTouch Investment Attribution)

Can you imagine knowing how the campaign you launched performed? Having backup with data in your marketing strategies? Knowing which time slot works best? Or which channels? Or, if at least, it was broadcast. 

Have you ever imagined not having to wait 60 days to know whether your TV ad worked? What impact each broadcast made? How many conversions a TV banner achieved? 

Knowing what works for your audience, which channels, and how it impacts on the web, being able to create an entire commercial strategy based on data used to be the dream of CMOs.

We have created the technology of your dreams. 

First of all, with MIA® (MultiTouch Investment Attribution), you will be able to simultaneously measure the total number of people who interacted with your web or app after watching your TV ad, thanks to the cross of information between the moment the ad is broadcast and the interactions. In this way you will be able to see the results automatically.

It completely revolutionizes the way we understand the media. MIA® will become an indispensable member of every Marketing team.

MÍA® is our technology to measure the multi touch attribution of each impact in the online and offline media on digital assets. In each real-time TV, radio and digital broadcast, it assesses the performance result of a site or app according to the goals of each brand (visibility, traffic, registration or sales), effectively managing to take our clients’ business to the next level.

It measures how many users accessed the web, e-commerce or app; it tells us how a whole year, month or day of TV ads was in a specific country or in an entire country.

With Data-Driven focus, it works on digital performance methodologies with online reports. It measures in real time the impact of all the investment in communication, and it identifies opportunities and deviations. It conveys the  results in the form of data in order to make the right decisions in the strategies we implement. It guarantees corrections according to objectives, thus making the costly process of campaign management more efficient, creating a healthy ecosystem between the organic and the invested, between TV and digital, between consumer and client.

All the learnings of the MIA® algorithm feed back on the strategy of each brand, improving and optimizing all the process of purchase and implementation.

MIA® is 100% a PIPOL development, of which we are proud, and in which we combine the use of technology to read millions of records, with business intelligence for a correct interpretation of what it provides.

The intelligence of MIA® is available for all the companies that would like to use that information of all the region. 

MIA® is the beginning of the revolution in communication campaigns.

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